Be in the best shape of your life.. Fitness is Vital for Both Body and Mind,

Fitness is imortant for your body and your mind. Running is a great way to ge there.

It is a common misconception that exercises and health foods are just for physical fitness. Nobody really thought of mental well-being till the Greeks popularized the concept of healthy mind and body. Mental and physical fitness go hand-in-hand – in fact, it is safe to say, they work as a team to ensure you enjoy overall robust health. There is no way to get around it, you want to be healthy and fit in your complete body then you need to get a complete understanding of how your body works. There are a lot of trainers who only know how to get your body in shape but what about your mental shape. In the sport of boxing it is called ‘The sweet science’ that’s because it’s not only a physical sport but a mental sport also, to compete and train you need to understand that even if your not competing against someone else, you are still competing against all the forces that will try to stop you or slow you down form achieving your goal.

Physical fitness and benefits

If asked to define physical health, most will say it is about dieting and maintaining a rigorous workout routine, which is simply not true! Everyone’s body isn’t equipped for tough exercises and many find it problematic to stick to a diet, which doesn’t mean they have to give up the idea of fitness. A fit body is when its functionality is at its peak, where proper nutrition and exercise plays a significant role, but take care not to overdo it. Never skimp on food – eat the right stuff in correct amounts as it is necessary to sustain energy. Physical fitness has several advantages such as:


  • Lets you maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Prevents the onset of Type 2 diabetes.
  • Effectively blocks some causes of cancer.
  • Stronger bones and muscles.
  • Enhanced drive and stamina.
  • Improves balance, posture, and ability to carry out daily tasks.


Mental Fitness and Benefits

Mental fitness is greatly influenced by physical and other fitness practices such as – physical activity, focus, reflection, and so on. It deals with emotional, mental and spiritual parts of the mind. A combination of physical and mental fitness is known as “wellness”. Benefits of mental fitness include:

  • Improves concentration skills and mental power.
  • Prolongs your lifespan.
  • Reduces stress, tension, anxiety, and depression.
  • Helps to relax and uplifts mood.


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Nick Lee

19 thoughts on “Be in the best shape of your life.. Fitness is Vital for Both Body and Mind,

  1. Joseph says:

    I didn’t know that we can get such huge benefits of mental fitness. I would love to include such things in my daily exercise schedule. BTW, I would love to try out your protein bars, can you tell me where can I get them in large quantity.

  2. Lily James says:

    Nice and detailed information on both physical as well as mental fitness. It’s a required thing for everyone in such busy life and a great way to live healthy long life.

  3. Liam says:

    I love the way you convey your thought through the medium of the Greeks. The Greeks are known for their contribution in the Olympics. A great article Nick, keep doing a great job.

  4. balasubramanian says:

    Diet and exercise plan are important, but our mood and mind play a big part in a complete healthy you. Here i had find a tips for beating stress, natural remedies for everything from headaches to depression to cramps and mood-boosters.

  5. Nitish Kumar says:

    Beautiful explanation of how the body and the psyche(mind) are closely related and taking good care of one significantly determines the well-being of other. I am going to try these nutritious protein bars so that I can keep my mind, body and soul performing at its peak.

  6. Amanuzzaman says:

    It is absolutely right that body and mind are closely connected. Natural products are of crucial important to maintain a sound body and mind. Thanks for providing valuable information.

  7. missybkt says:

    Body and mind are definitely related. Take good care of one and you’re taking care of both. I enjoyed reading your
    perceptions and agree 100% with you. By the way, the premier chocolate protein bar sounds really good!

  8. milos panic says:

    I did not pay much attention how important is the connection between physical and mental fitness until now,definitely this is the key to a healthy life,I would definitely try your protein bars

  9. Salam Sheikh says:

    a) This post is very important for body and mind .
    b) It is true that home fitness is very useful for us.
    c)This post help me to know the benefits of physical and mental fitness.
    d) Now i can aware of the importance of fitness for my body and mind.

  10. Maja says:

    Very interesting post about how the body and mind psyche are related to each other. And how fascinating are all the benefits that we can get from psyche and body exercise for our health.

  11. Nachiketa says:

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  12. sofiane ibra says:

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