Yes, however they may contain traces of gluten because out kitchen processes other items which may have it.


Our bars are made without Soy ingredients, however your bar may contain traces of soy, wheat, eggs, milk, tree nuts and peanuts because our kitchen also processes items with those ingredients.

Our bars have a two month "best by" date on each bar however they generally last longer than two months. We recommend refrigerating your bars for maximum freshness (they will generally last 4 months if properly refrigerated) bars with honey tend to have an even longer shelf life.

Yes, there is a label with facts on each bar.

Our first two bars 'Premier Chocolate Protein bar' and our 'Awesome Cookies and Cream Protein bar' each have a maximum of 20 grams but we will also be coming out with other flavors which may have less protein in them.

At this time out kitchen is not certified Kosher.

Some of our bars have certified organic ingredients, however our kitchen is not a certified organic facility.

Absolutely, we consider ourselves in a constant state of innovation at VITAGIA. Our goal is to expand our Product line and continue offering our customers great fitness products.
Our next planned product line for early 2016 is focused on Protein powder, Pre workout powder and Weight loss.

At the present time we only ship within the continental USA and yes we offer free economy shipping on orders over $50.00