About US

VITAGIA the fitness supplements company was started by founder Ray Mann who has been involved in sports, fitness supplements and nutrition for over 49 years. He has been a black belt karate instructor, he is a fitness and motivational trainer for both amateur and professional athletes around the country. Founder Ray Mann got his Greek inspiration for his company because he had always studied about how the ancient Greeks brought the knowledge of physical fitness, health and the Olympics to the world. Ray also realized that athletes of today owe a lot to the ancient Greeks for having brought the concept of fitness to the world and their concept of  ‘overall fitness’ which is fitness for the mind, body and sprit. This was not just a slogan to the ancient athletes, it was a way of life..

Many Greeks believed that developing the body was equally important as improving the mind for overall health. VITAGIA wants motivate our customers to reach for the best in their lives, we want to inspire them to move past any setbacks which may have happened in their lives and focus on the goals that are ahead of them. That’s why VITAGIA believes in ‘overall fitness’ just like the ancient Greeks did because unless you have your body, mind and spirit all at peace and working together like they where design to do, then no matter how nice your body looks your just running on barrowed time before you have another setback. Fitness Supplements are a start but it takes more then that to live a life of total wellness. We have started our own blog on our website which will be about health, fitness supplements and nutrition to inform our customers and readers about living a life of total wellness and health which will be updated weekly. So, in keeping with that ancient spirit of body, mind and spirit our company VITAGIA was born.