Who is VITAGIA and why you should use our nutritional supplement products ?



Products for your fitness nutritional needs

VITAGIA is a Los Angeles based nutritional supplement company who’s products for Men and Women are targeted to the Health, and Fitness Conscious, On-The-Go Consumers. VITAGIA offers products with ingredients suiting each body type .  Following are the products that VITAGIA offers to its customers.

  • Men’s Greek Fit Advance Wellness Multi Vitamin
  • Women’s Greek Fit Advance Wellness Multi Vitamin
  • Premier Chocolate Protein Bar
  • Ultimate Cookie and Cream Protein Bar
  • Zeus Greek 100

1.     ‘Men’s-Greek Fit Advance Wellness Multi Vitamin’, fulfilling a man’s nutritional needs

VITAGIA makes sure to keep in mind men’s nutritional health with our Men’s Multi Vitamin. The nutrients in the vitamins are solely for men that support a great range of things for them. These male supported nutrients include Saw Palmetto Berries, Urtica Diocia Extract, Lycopene, and Lutein.This multi vitamin for men is strictly targeted to boost men’s health in order to increase energy and metabolism, cardiovascular health system, immune system, healthy muscle growth, increase in alertness and most importantly healthy sexual function of the body.  What makes our multi vitamin different and helpful from other available multi vitamins is that the male support minerals in our vitamins are all natural and great for you. VITAGIA Men’s Greek Fit Advance Wellness Multi Vitamin minerals are from real food which your body can easily identify and use it better.

It is true that women have different nutritional needs then men and need lesser calories than men but most of the time, women do not get their required balanced of vitamin levels which is why VITAGIA has also targeted the women’s and offers Women’s Greek Fit Advance Wellness Multi Vitamin. These vitamins come in a bottle lasting for a month that includes 60 capsules in each bottle. The capsules are the right type of vitamins for women and are specifically made for them with the right amount of balanced minerals and vitamins needed by them. The minerals in these capsules are all 100% natural with a perfect blend of vitamins, antioxidants, herbs and minerals.  These vitamins for women are made in order to increase the metabolism, supporting cardiovascular and heart health, increasing energy and muscle growth and most of all, lessening symptoms of PMS.



3.    Our nutritional  Premier Chocolate Protein Bar & Ultimate Cookie and Cream Protein Bar

Protein is an important nutritional micronutrient supporting various structures in your body. Protein can be found in eggs, chicken, fish, nuts and pulses but most people prefer to rely on protein bars and supplements to get their recommended daily intake of protein. This is the reason why VITAGIA has come up with protein bars. These nutritional post-workout protein bars by VITAGIA are in two great tasting flavors to meet your needs and give you a taste so that you do not feel as if you are fulfilling some sort of essential body need. Each post-workout protein bar pack comes with 12 bars and each pack contains;

  • 2 grams sugar
  • 20 grams protein
  • 16 grams fiber
  • Gluten free

These nutritional protein bars are especially made as a meal replacement bar to control your calorie intake and portion sizes. These protein bars as mentioned above, contain high amounts of fiber and protein to make you feel fuller for longer hours.

Since, it is VITAGIA’s aim to lead people to maintain a fit and healthy routine, the protein bars by them makes sure to supply your body with necessary nutrients to help you get the most from your workout. These bars are also helpful in providing benefits even after you perform your workout. In short, these nutritional post-workout protein bars are important for those who are wanting to live a healthy maintained life and do not want to get in the hassle of for extensive meal planning due to the lack of resources or time. Protein bars are easy to use, don’t require any mixing or measuring and provides the most important nutrients that a body needs.

4.     Zeus Greek 100 for your fitness and nutritional needs

Everybody has fitness goals, but what matters the most is that you are prepared for it. Preparing yourself to achieve your fitness targets can only be done when you set your mind on it, create a vision about it and then work hard enough to reach to that vision. What matters the most besides your fitness workout and diet plan is that you have enough energy to keep you going. That entire workout requires stamina and energy for which VITAGIA has come up with Zeus Greek 100.

Zeus Greek 100 is a pre workout powder that provides with extra supplement stamina and energy to make you go that extra mile you thought you could never get to. The extra push and power you need in your fitness program can be achieved by Zeus Greek 100. Zeus Greek 100 is a supplement that contains all the pre workout ingredients avoiding any dyes or fillers.

How to use Zeus Greek 100 is the next important thing that you should know. The supplement comes with a scoop and needs to be mixed with 4 to 6 ounces of water. It needs to be taken around 30 minutes before you start your workout. Zeus Greek 100 is a complete product for which there is no need to take any other supplements with it.


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