Why a Women Shouldn’t Take Male Vitamins..

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VITAGIA Makes Vitamins For Todays Women;  Men and women are not only made of different body composition, their nutritional needs differ too in many ways and that means their Vitamins and Minerals should be different. Many customers ask if men and women have a difference in consuming Vitamins and Supplements? Well yes! Women’s health is not only different at every stage of life in comparison to men, but they also need different health food supplements.

Nowadays with the extensive marketing of the vitamins and supplements, women’s health has been brought into the spot light and a great emphasis has been shown to how to improve their health by providing a vitamins for women.

Women’s body and metabolism differs in many ways as women go through various process in her life, specially the process of pregnancy, child birth and after birth metabolism and energy difference. According to the research, many women fall under bad health just because they are not aware of their physical fitness issues and pay least attention to them.

Women health plays a vital role not only in her life but in the life of her family and kids as well, for she is the home maker who is assigned with a sacred responsibility to up bring her children, and she can only do it when her health is good.

Let’s look at some of the vitamins and supplements and how they react to both men and women’s health. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, aids in turning your food into energy in the body.  Its vital function is to maintain healthy skin and it is significant for nerve function.

Niacin is found in red meat, poultry, fish and invigorated hot and cold cereals.  Because of the different muscle mass between men and women the average man require 16 mg of niacin a day and the average woman needs 14 mg a day in order to maintain overall prime health. Likewise Vitamin A helps in protecting the immune system, men require of 900 mcg of it while women only need 700 mcg again because of the different body composition and nutritional requirements.

Vitamin C which essential for bones, teeth and gums helps the body to absorb iron and calcium as well as it plays the main role in healing wounds. Men need 90 mg of vitamin C, while women require 75 mg on the regular basis to keep herself healthy and fine.

What brings the difference in the in-take of vitamin and supplements?

The main difference is the body mass size, hormonal constitution, and muscle mass, which makes vitamins for women different than men. The body uses vitamins and minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes to support the balance of hormones compulsory for good health.  Women require a different balance of vitamin and minerals in order to support their female hormones and reproductive system than do men.

Which is the best natural multi vitamins for women?

‘Women’s-GREE FIT Multi-Vitamins’ are the best vitamins for women, which is a healthy food supplement and is the best vitamins for adult females. It fulfills are your body needs, exempting you from consuming variety of supplements unnecessarily.


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